Trying to conceive…. my new obsession

So after a very premature birth, an ectopic pregnancy and a chemical pregnancy, I am still trying to conceive baby number 2. Actually I should re-phrase that, I’m actually pretty good at getting pregnant but absolutely shit at staying pregnant. Out of 3 pregnancy’s the longest I have managed is 25 weeks…

I have been absolutely determined that I am going to get pregnant again this cycle. Luckily although technically my period was delayed like 3 days due to the chemical, my cycle seems to have gome straight back to normal, I think I ovulated at the tight time so we got it on at the right time…hopefully. I’m now just in my 2 week wait and I’m dying already to take a test even though its stupidly too early but I just need to know now!! I’m not very patient, can you tell?! I really really hope it works this time. This year has been absolute bull shit. To top it off we were at the hubs’ grandmas funeral Monday just gone. Just tops of what has been a crappy crappy year. If I could end it pregnant and start 2017 growing a baby, it would really lift us from this shitty time. Just please….. have your fingers crossed…. I really want this. For all the mamas out there who I know will have had it a million times worse than me, I absolutely praise you, mama hood is sometimes so hard to achieve. Just wanting it is never enough.


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