Christmas Preparation!

So I’m trying to keep my mind off life and feeling sad and so have decided to throw myself into Christmas… I normally love Christmas, my husband winds me up and says I fancy Father Christmas… but its true, not that I fancy the man in red but that I’m normally a Christmas addict but the last 2 years, even though they have been my first Christmas’s as a parent, I’ve just not felt that festive. Christmas 2014 was spent in hospital with Carter fighting for his life and 2015 was spent with us on egg shells, housebound for winter because of all the germs and bugs that Carter can’t afford to catch. So to 2016… we are still kind of house bound as Carter has recently had a spell back in hospital with a nasty bug and we need to keep germ free but he is getting bigger and healthier so we have been venturing out more. I want to enjoy all that is festive this year… I’m lining up Xmas markets, decorating the house, choosing a tree, picking presents, watching Christmas movies, elf on the shelf, Christmas food and fun. Although he doesn’t totally know whats going on, I want Carter to feel the excitement of Christmas too, I want him to enjoy his time with us. I am so looking forward to us spending some quality time together too. We tend to only get a Sunday together the 3 of us and that tends to be shared seeing family and doing chores so it’ll be lovely to have some ‘us’ time. I cannot wait for Christmas! I want my family to be together, to be chilled and relaxed and happy. So I will be bugging the husband to get my decs out the loft and we shall be getting a tree this weekend!!! The Tucks arr doing Christmas and we are starting on the 1st December as we mean to continue!


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